Equipment at the Hyperpolarized MRI Technology
 Resource Center 

Our Center is headquartered at Mission Bay in Byers Hall. The Surbeck Laboratory for Advanced Imaging and
The Biomedical NMR Laboratory conducts Research and Development with state-of-the-art instruments and technology.



HyperSense DNP Polarizer

• Field strength: 3.35T
• Microwave source: Integrated 94GHz with 0.5Hz sweep, (user selectable) up to 100mW
• Sample volume: 10-200ul
• Dissolution volume: 3.5-5ml
• Dissolution solvent: water
• Temperature: (selectable) 1.3°K
• Nuclei: 13C, 15N, 31P, 29Si and other spin ½ nuclei
• Polarization duration: 15min – 6hrs
• Polarization agent: 2-5mg ‘Trityl radical’ per sample
• Helium consumption: 2L per dissolution



Oxford Instruments Test-bed Polarizer

• Magnet field strength: 3.35T actively shielded
• Nuclei: 13C, 15N, 29SI
• Polarized sample temperature: ≥ 1.4K
• Polarization transfer source: 94GHz (up to 200mW)
• Polarization sample volume: up to 200ul, typical < 50ul
• Polarization sample quantity: 1 sample cup/ dissolution
• Polarization agent: Trityl radical, typical
• Dissolution volume: 3 to 10ml, typically water based
• Helium consumption / dissolution < 2L, typically 1L / sample
• Helium refill volume: 65L from min. level
Nitrogen refill volume: 60L from min. level
• Sample polarization time: typically 15 mins to 2 hours
• Sample dissolution time: > 10 secs
13C S/N enhancement: up to 10,000 fold 



SpinAligner Polarizer

• Polarizer for dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (dDNP)
• Based on a 6.7 T superconducting dry magnet that is cooled by a pulse-tube cold head and compressor.
• A closed-cycle, continuous helium circulation system cools the sample to less than 1.4 K. Thus, the SpinAligner does not require any liquid helium or nitrogen.
• Dynamic Nuclear Polarization is achieved by irradiation with 188 GHz microwaves.
• A broadband NMR spectrometer allows detection of all nuclei with high sensitivity. 
• Dissolution system enables hyperpolarization of samples of a wide range and sizes.

1. Ardenkjaer-Larsen JH, Bowen S, Petersen JR, Rybalko O, Vinding MS, Ullisch M, Nielsen NC. Cryogen-free dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization polarizer operating at 3.35 T, 6.70 T, and 10.1 T. Magn Reson Med. 2019; 81(3):2184-2194. doi: 10.1002/mrm.27537. PMID: 30357898.
2. Ferrari A, Peters J, Anikeeva M, Pravdivtsev A, Ellermann F, Them K, Will O, Peschke E, Yoshihara H, Jansen O, Hövener JB. Performance and reproducibility of 13C and 15N hyperpolarization using a cryogen-free DNP polarizer. Sci Rep. 2022; 12(1):11694. PMCID: PMC9270333.

3.35T GE SPINlab Polarizer

• Polarized sample temperature: ≥ 0.8K
• Polarization transfer source: 94GHz (up to 100mW)
• Polarization sample volume: 60ul to 1.5ml
• Polarization sample quantity: up to 4 sample vials simultaneous
• Daily sample quantity: up to 12 samples/regeneration cycle
• Polarization agent: Trityl radical, typical
• Dissolution volume: 15ml to 50ml, typically water based
• Helium consumption/dissolution: N.A.
• Sample polarization time: typically 15 mins to 2.5 hours
Sample dissolution time: > 10 secs
• Sample 13C S/N enhancement: up to 10,000 fold



5T GE SPINlab Multisample Polarizer, QC Unit Prototype & Multiprobe QC

• Magnet field strength: 5T actively shielded
• Polarization transfer source: 140GHz (up to 50mW)
• Polarization sample volume: 60ul to 1.5ml
• Polarization sample quantity: up to 4 sample vials simultaneous
• Daily sample quantity: up to 12 samples/ regeneration cycle
• Polarization agent: Trityl radical, typical
• Dissolution volume: 15 to 65ml, typically water based
• Helium consumption/dissolution: N.A.
• Helium recycling/regeneration: Cryo pump cooled
• Sample polarization time: typically 30 mins to 3 hours
• Sample dissolution time: > 20 secs
• Sample 13C S/N enhancement: up to 10,000 fold
• Dissolved sample volume: up to 55ml
• Dissolved sample temperature: controlled, typical 37°C
• Polarization agent filtration: simple porous filtering

Multiprobe QC (MPQC) GE Research Circle Technology
• New MPQC measures absorbance over the entire UV-Vis spectrum, facilitating probe development and clinical translation of novel substrates
• Capable of rapid concentration and pH measurements for a wide variety of probes
• Planned to be used for rapid QC of [1-13C] and [2-13C]pyruvate, [1-13C]⍺-ketoglutarate, [1-13C]pyruvate/13C urea co-polarization, and [1-13C]GLC. SOPs in progress






500 MHz HR-MAS Spectrometer

• Varian UNITY/NOVA 11.7T (500 MHz 1H) Spectrometer
• Narrow bore
• Equipped with gHx indirect and direct detection nanoprobes
• H-X pulsed field gradient indirect detection 5mm and 10mm liquids probe
• Capable of 1H and hetero-or multi-nuclear detection (31P, 13C, 15N)
• Equipped with a variable temperature control device



600 MHz Wide Bore HR-MAS/Micro-Imaging Spectrometer

• Varian 14T (600 MHz) NMR System
• Wide bore
• HR-MAS and Micro-imaging capabilities
• Equipped with a custom designed, water cooled, 1000mT/m gradients and high-strength 2nd and 3rd order shims
• Enable
   1) the acquisition of 1H 2D and multinuclear HR-MAS spectra from small samples (6-10mg)
   2) the ability to perform ex vivo and in vivo 3D anatomic, perfusion, diffusion MRI and         spectroscopic imaging studies of cultured tissues and cells, and transgenic mice
   3) the ability to utilize novel hyperpolarized 13C labeled substrates and 13C spectroscopic imaging techniques to identify exciting new biomarkers.
• 40mm, single and dual tuned volume RF coils are available for 1H and 13C MRI and MRS





Bruker BioSpec® 3T Cryogen Free Pre-clinical MRI 

• A low-cost, cryogen-free superconducting magnet (18 cm bore), small footprint, 3 Tesla multinuclear MRI system optimize for murine and rat imaging
• Excellent field homogeneity (0.1ppm, over a 5 cm FOV) with high order room temperature shims (x,y,z, z2, xz, yz, x2-y2, 2xy, z3) and strong gradients (960 mT/m, 3,550 T/m/s)
• System is equipped with 1H and 1H/13C body and head coils for rats and mice
• Flexible MRI operating environment allows for both the development of advanced MRI imaging protocols and provide a more push button operation mode for less experienced users





Magritek SpinSolve Spectrometer

• SPINSOLVE 60 MHz X Nuclei (1H, 19F and 15N/29Si/11B/7Li/129Xe)
• 1.4 Tesla Magnet
• Spectral Resolution (Linewidth): @50% < 0.5 Hz @0.55% < 20 Hz Tesla Magnet
1H Sensitivity: Signal: Noise Ratio of 120:1 for 1% Ethylbenzene (Single Scan)
• Operating Temperature Range: 18°C to 28°C (65° F to 82° F)
• Uses 5mm NMR tubes




Oxford PulsarTM Benchtop NMR Spectrometer System

• Portable benchtop 1.4T (60 MHz) permanent magnet spectrometer with (1H, 13C, 19F) capability
• Provides liquid state polarization measurement of HP samples
• Excellent shimming allows high-resolution NMR of HP samples to characterize chemical structures of probes and impurities







Ocean Insight DH-2000-BAL Light Source 

• Innovative filtering -- eliminates D-alpha line in deuterium source
• Deuterium (25 W) and halogen lamps (20 W) combined in a single light source
• Integrated shutter that helps protect light-sensitive samples
• Typical Output Power: 194 µW (deuterium bulb), 615 µW (tungsten bulb)
Wavelength Range 230nm - 2.5μm











3T GE 750 Whole Body MR Scanner

• Discovery MR750 3.0T
• 18 superconducting High Order Shims, including X, Y, Z, XY, XZ, YZ Z2, X2-Y2
• Active shielding technology
• 60cm bore
• Optical RF technology with 165dB dynamic range
• Optics allow for scalability up to 136 coil connections
• Technology enables multi-channel broadband receive for multi-nuclear studies
• Vector Reconstruction Engine (VRE)
• Delivers processing power to reconstruct 32-channels of high-resolution 3D volumetric data
• Water cooled power electronics
• Extreme Gradient Driver (XGD)
• Power & duty cycle to support 50mT/m peak amplitude at a slew-rate of 200mT/m/s on all 3-axis
• Continuous peak gradient performance with 100% duty cycle
• RF amplifier: for body coil, water cooled, solid-state 35 kW RF amplifier. In addition amplifier supports a 100W continuous-wave output mode for proton-decoupling and spin-labeling research.
• Multichannel spectroscopy with 8-kW broadband amplifier and 8 channel receiver converter. Carbon and Phosphorous TR switches.

7T GE 950 Whole Body MR Scanner

• Signa MR950 7.0T
• 900mm superconducting magnet with passive room shield
• XRMb gradient coil delivering 50 mT/m at 200 T/m-s
• 61cm bore
• Very high EPI stability – typically less than 0.1% detrended RMS fluctuation in phantom over 10 minutes
• Dual phase offset transmitter channels – 8 kW total input power for 1H, or 4kW 1H/4 kW MNS
• 32 receive channels for 1H; up to 8 receive channels for MNS
• Nova 2 channel transmit/32 channel receive head coil








Labconco Purifier 4ft & 6ft Horizontal Clean Benches

Labconco Purifier 4ft & 6ft Clean Benches
• ISO Class 5 work station with horizontal laminar airflow and 99.99% efficient HEPA filter
• Stainless steel work surface and fluorescent lighting & UV lighting









Micro-Osmette Automatic High Sensitivity 50 uL Osmometer

• Freezing point osmometer with a 0 to 3000 mOsm/kg range 
• Useful for obtaining osmolarity measurement in formulation development