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Recent Newsletters:

Gearing up for What's Ahead

Date: January 2024
Topics: 2024 HMTRC Workshop Information, Present an Oral Presentation
at the 2024 HMTRC Workshop, The HMTRC Website: New Year & New Resources, New Year Highlights: Featured Publications

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Season's Gratitude & Winter Highlights

Date: December 2023
Topics: 2024 HMTRC Workshop Information, Present an Oral Presentation
at the 2024 HMTRC Workshop, Winter Presentation Highlights: Video Talks & Tutorials, February 2024 Call for Seminar Presenters

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2024 HMTRC Technology Workshop Information

Date: November 2023
Topics: 2024 HMTRC Workshop Information, April 3rd Pre-meeting Details & Schedule, Present at the HMTRC Workshop

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Past Newsletters:

Highlight: Acquisition & Analysis Resources

Date: September 2023
Topics: Save-the-Date HMTRC Workshop, HMTRC Acquisition & Analysis Resources, New Acquisition Software & Data Analysis Resources, HMTRC Recent Research Publications, Call for Seminar Presenters

Link: View September 2023 Newsletter


Collaboration & Technology Development

Date: May 2023
Topics: Thank You Participants & Sponsors, Clinical Patient Summary: C-13 Pyruvate Hyperpolarization, 2023 Workshop Video Presentations, Call for Seminar Presenters
Link: View May 2023 Newsletter

2023 Workshop Information

Date: February 2023
Topics: Registration, Workshop Agenda, Pre-meeting Sign-ups (SpinAligner, Trainee, Consensus), Poster Abstract Submission, Resources for New HP C-13 Researchers
Link: View February 2023 Newsletter

Familiarity & Progress

Date: November 2022
Topics: HP C-13 MRI Consensus Group Updates, Presentations on Recent Publications, New Acquisition Software & Data Analysis Resources, Save-the-Date: 2023 HMTRC Workshop April 13-14th.
Link: View November 2022 Newsletter

Growing International Efforts

Date: July 2022
Topics: HP C-13 MRI Consensus Contributors Group, Human Research Sites, International Clinical Publication Highlights, Recent Seminar Presentations, New People & Roles, Publication Highlights
Link: View July 2022 Newsletter

Working Together for Technology Development

Date: April 2022
Topics: 2022 Workshop - Thank you to Participants & Sponsors, Video Presentation Recordings, Clinical Patient Summary C-13 Pyruvate Hyperpolarization
Link: View April 2022 Newsletter

Clinical Translation of HP 13C MRI for Unmet Needs

Date: January 2022
Topics: Presentation Highlights on Human Research, Human Research 13C Publication List, Clinical Center Review Articles, HMTRC 2022 In-Person Workshop Brochure
Link: View January 2022 Newsletter

Growing our HP 13C Community

Date: December 2021
Topics: HMTRC P41 Grant Renewal Updates, Advances at UCSF in HP 13C & Prostate Cancer, Recent Publications, HMTRC Facilities & Equipment Tour Video, Video Talks & Tutorials New Website Page, HP 13C MRI 2021 Virtual Course Release, December HP C-13 MRI Seminar
Link: View December 2021 Newsletter

What's Ahead - 10 Year Anniversary

Date: June 2021
Topics: Milestones & Achievements, Great Accomplishments in HP C-13 MRI in Renal Cancer, HP MRI ACS Research Podcast Highlight, ISMRM Awardees, International HP C-13 MRI Seminar, Recent Presentations, HMTRC Website Updates, Recent Publications, June HP C-13 MRI Seminar
Link: View June 2021 Newsletter

What We Can Do Together

Date: December 2020
Topics: International HP C-13 MRI Seminar Recent Presentations, Call for Seminar Presenters, New Sections on our HMTRC Website (About, Patient COVID-19 Protocols, Center Review Articles), Upcoming April HP C-13 MRI Seminar, New Collaboration Sign-ups
Link: View March 2021 Newsletter

Looking Back to Look Forward

Date: December 2020
Topics: International SPINlab Users Web Conference - UCSF 2020 Updates, 2020 Featured Presentations, UCSF's 2020 Mini-Symposium on Denoising, HMTRC's "soft opening", International HP MRI Seminar Kick-off, New Collaboration Sign-ups
Link: View December 2020 Newsletter

Looking Towards the Horizon

Date: October 2020
Topics: COVID-19 workflows, survey & feedback, New HP EPI Sequence, New Staff Introductions (Jeremy Gordon PhD, Andrew Riselli PharmD, Jenna Bernard PhD, Cresini Tabaranza-David), Publication Highlights, New Collaboration Sign-ups 
Link: View October 2020 Newsletter


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News & Media

Recent News & Media: 

Highlight: The HMTRC in the Images Magazine

Date: February 2024
Type: 2024 UCSF Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Images Magazine

Graduate Student Philip Lee is Selected as an 2023 ISMRM Young Investigator Finalist

Date: June 2023
Type: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Highlights Magazine

UCSF’s HMTRC hosts its 9th International HP Technology Workshop

Date: May 2023
Type: UCSF Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Radiology Blog

Past News & Media: 

Sugar Rush: Scientists Discover Key Role of Glucose in Brain Activity

Date: April 2023
Type: UCSF Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Radiology Blog
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Highlight: Developing and disseminating new MRI technology to advance patient care

Date: March 2023
Type: 2023 UCSF Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Images Magazine
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Highlight: HMTRC Center Director, Dr. Dan Vigneron 

Date: January 2023
Type: UCSF Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Radiology Blog
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UCSF Investigators Improve MR-guided TRUS Fusion Biopsy for Prostate Cancer Detection Using

Date: September 2022
Type: UCSF Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Radiology Blog
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Dr. Jane Wang, Medical Center Director is Appointed New Section Chief of Abdominal Imaging & Ultrasound

Date:  June 2022
Type: UCSF Department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Announcement
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In the Spotlight: HMTRC Center Director
Dr. Dan Vigneron Receives Outstanding Faculty Mentoring Award

Date: June 2022
Type: UCSF Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Radiology Blog
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UCSF Radiology and Radiation Oncology Researchers Join Forces to Study HP C-13 MRI in Prostate Cancer Undergoing Radiation Therapy

Date:  September 2021
Type: Research Highlight - UCSF Department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging
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New imaging technology to identify cancers that require aggressive therapy

Date: April 2021
Type: American Cancer Society Podcast Interview
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UCSF Radiology & Biomedical Imaging News Release: Strategic Plan

Date:  September 2020
Type: UCSF Internal - Radiology Newsletter
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Two Important Advances in HP 13C MRI from the UCSF HMTRC

Date: April 2020
Type: UCSF Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Blog
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Piloting hyperpolarized 13C-pyruvate MRI for imaging
advanced prostate cancer

Date: January 2020
Type: Publication, Research Highlights
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Hyperpolarized 13C  MRI as an Emerging Molecular Imaging Technique

Date: March 2019
Type: UCSF Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Blog 
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New work on hyperpolarized carbon-13 - figure chosen as cover illustration for Developmental Neuroscience 38(1)1-82 (2016)

Date: November 2016
Type: Publication - Dev Neurosci. 2016; 38(1):34-40. PMCID: PMC4732911
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Hyperpolarized MR studies: Professor Kevin Brindle and Dr. Ferdia Gallagher – Cancer Scanning

Date: 2016
Type: Television Interview - Cambridge University Collaborators 

Hyperpolarized Molecular Imaging Biomarkers in a Novel Prostate Tissue Slice Culture Model

Date: May 2015
Type: 2015 DOD Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) Video Highlight
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Dan Vigneron and HMTRC Team Renews $6M NIH Funding with Perfect Score

Date: March 2015
Type: UCSF Radiology & Biomedical Imaging News Release
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MR in Hyper-drive: Introducing Hyperpolarized MRI & A New Era of Metabolic Imaging

Date: 2014
Type: WMIC 2014's Gold Medal Awards in Molecular Imaging
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Novel Hyperpolarized Molecular Imaging Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer

Date: August 2014
Type: 2014 DOD Prostate Cancer Highlight
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Sugar Helps Scientists Find and Assess Prostate Tumors

Date: August 2013
Type: UCSF News Release on Human C-13 Trial Paper
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Groundbreaking New Technology Uses Sugar to Diagnose & Assess Prostate Tumors

Date: September 2013
Type: UCSF Radiology & Biomedical Imaging News Release
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UCSF advance on prostate cancer

Date: January 2012
Type: News - SFGate
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UCSF technology center wins $5.5M NIH grant for new MRI research

Date: October 2011
Type: Article - San Francisco Business Times
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GE Launches Company to Enhance Development of Innovative Technology in Collaboration with Leading Scientists

Date: September 2011
Type: Article - Business Wire
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GE Healthcare to Invest $1 Billion in New Oncology Solutions

Date: September 2011
Type: Article - Business Wire
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UCSF researchers test out new scanning technology

Date: January 2011
Type: News - ABC 7
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1st Human Patients Studies: New prostate cancer imaging shows real-time tumor metabolism/(data image)

Date: November 2010
Type: Article - UCSF News
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Viewing prostate cancer aggressiveness in an unique way

Date: 2010
Type: UCSF Pharmacy News Release
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