The Hyperpolarized MRI Technology Resource Center 

The Hyperpolarized MRI Technology Resource Center (HMTRC)  is a Biomedical Resource Technology Center funded by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) focuses on the development and dissemination of new advances in dissolution DNP techniques and instrumentation, specialized data acquisition methodology, and analysis software for biomedical research. 

Hyperpolarized MR is an emerging molecular imaging method to monitor enzymatic conversions through key, previously-inaccessible biochemical pathways.  Through numerous studies to date, hyperpolarized carbon-13 MR has shown outstanding research and potential clinical value, but requires major technological development to realize its full potential.  This motivation, coupled with the rapidly expanding interest at other sites, compelled us to create the “Hyperpolarized MRI Technology Resource Center”.  

This center is based on three Technology Research & Development (TR&D) projects led by experienced hyperpolarized MR researchers.  TR&D1 is focused on DNP polarizer and MR acquisition development and pre-clinical animal studies.  TR&D2 focuses on the development of new robust and realistic pre-clinical models for HP MR studies, optimization of current HP probes & investigation of new HP probes, and the development of methods that provide appropriate correlative pathologic, biologic and other imaging data for understanding and validating HP MR findings.  TR&D3 focuses on the development of a free open-source specialized data analysis platform for HP MR data reconstruction and interpretation.  All TR&D developments are driven in a push-pull interaction by the independently funded Collaborative Projects and the technology resources of the center are utilized by Service Projects and disseminated to all interested investigators through hands-on workshops, symposia, visits/training, formal courses, and our center website.  

The goal of the HMTRC is to collaboratively develop new technology to advance this field in order to better identify and understand human disease and ultimately to translate and disseminate these techniques for improved healthcare.  

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 About HP MRI 

HP C-13 MRI Updates from the Center 



Introduction to HP MRI





Translation of Hyperpolarized MR Into Biomedical Research








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 NIH National Center for
Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NCBIB)

We are joined in our mission to advance the research, treatment, and monitoring of various diseases by many colleagues accross the nation who are also funded by the National Center for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering. The links to some of these centers and their resources can be found below: 


The Ferenc Jolesz National Center for Image Guided Therapy
at Brigham And Women'S Hospital

Harvard University
National Center for image-guided therapy

Massachusetts institute of technology
MIT Laser Biomedical Research Center


radiological sciences laboratory

University of Minnesota
Center for magnetic resonance research

UT Southwestern Medical Center
Advanced imaging research center


You can find a full list of NIBIB-supported Centers for
Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering HERE

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