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Specialized training in this new field of hyperpolarized carbon-13 MRI is required since it is very new and very different from conventional MRI and from other molecular imaging techniques. Training in HP 13C MRI sponsored by the center are focused in several areas including hands-on and virtual training of local MD/PhD students, residents, collaborative projects, junior faculty and extramural vistors & service projects. Please see below for our current education and training offerings in HP MRI & technology development.





Video Talks & Tutorials by Date

Click here to access all of our video presentations & tutorials on HP C-13 MRI archived by date. These videos can also be found by subject manner below. 



HP MRI Course

Description : Hyperpolarized NMR and MRI is an emerging modality that can be used to study biochemical reactions, including metabolic conversion, as well as pH, redox potential, perfusion, transport, and more.  It has promising clinical applications for cancer imaging, as well as potential for novel experiments in pre-clinical models and cells.  This modality is enabled by the development of Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP), which requires specialized equipment to prepare a hyperpolarized solution for experiments.  This course covers the mechanisms behind Dissolution DNP and experimental considerations. Attendance in this course and completion of a practical hyperpolarizer exam for HyperSense and/or SPINlab operation is required to use the Oxford Instruments HyperSense and/or GE SPINlab DNP polarizers at UCSF.

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As part of our Technology Research & Development (TR&D) Projects we are proud to offer Hands-on-Training in HP C-13 MRI and new MRI technology development. If you are interested in training with the HMTRC researchers & staff, click on the link below to get in touch with the Center for support in the following areas:

Hands-on Training Support:
DNP Methodology & HP MR Acquisition  (TR&D1)
1. DNP Polarizer Training 
2. MR Sequence and Acquisition Training
3. MR Scanner Coil Development and Design
4. Production Facility Support 

Development of HP MR Probes, Models & Methods (TR&D2)
5. HP Probe Preparation Training
6. New Cell and Tissue Culture Bioreactors
7. Realistic Preclinical Models and Correlative Science Methods

Processing Tools for HP MR Data (TR&D3)
8. Open Source Tools and Methods for HP MRI (SIVIC, HP MRI Tool Box)

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